About me

. who am i

a young at heart who can’t stand having the same hairstyle for too long!

. what i like

food, music & movies, fashion, travel, sports, motoGP

. what i listen to

enjoys various genres of music in different languages! As my siblings are much older than me, I grew up listening to 80s disco hits and chinese period drama OSTs:) I simply love good songs and touching melodies!

. what i watch

my growing up days were actually more chinese dramas than cartoons. only in my late teens and early 20s did I start to choose what i watch. Started on Japanese doramas because of Kimura Takuya and Ch 8 was showing a whole lot of doramas. Then I moved on to Taiwanese idol dramas in the early 2000s after watching Japanese anime Hana Yori Dango, I just had to watch Meteor Garden! That’s when the F4 craze started, hee! Now I still watch Taiwanese dramas occasionally. As for Korean dramas, I’m very, very selective. Even though I’m a moderator for Korean Dramas & Movies in Soompi 🙂

. what i eat

i was from a home economics – food & nutrition class, which doesn’t necessarily explain why i’m interested in how food benefits the body… an inquisitive mind helps if you want to live an illness-free life.

. where i go

i travel for leisure and work. Travel broadens the mind and i hope to visit as many countries as possible.


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