[Travel] Seoul 7D Free And Easy – Day 7

Because the itinerary was swapped, we had a free day today so my family went on an excursion booked through the hotel while I went to Gangnam to visit the soompi HQ and also drop by the Hwawon cafe~

There was an incident on the train when some passengers screamed and came rushing over into my cabin. Fortunately there it was not Train to Busan! I got a scare and had no idea what happened. All kind of crazy thoughts were running through my mind. With a maniac who killed anybody in sight in Taiwan, I don’t stare at my phone or play games or sleep during a train ride. At the next station, the parties concerned were escorted out with a girl crying and a very angry elder man. God knows what happened?!

After a quick visit to soompi office to say hi, I went over to Garousugil. The place to see and be seen.

I came to know the Hwawon cafe few years back when I did cafe hopping with Piggy and Ivie. It’s a cafe like it’s name, full of plants and flowers, very relaxing and pets are welcomed! The owner Mr Choe Hyunjune is an avid photographer and you can check out his works here.


Rushed back to Insadong for dinner with family and we had hanshik. Look at that table full of dishes!

And more shopping in Myeongdong! This time we got to try the street foods and ice cream churros. Yay!


People were raving about the honey butter chips but they were nowhere to be found. I tried this one and it was… meh~


The last day in Seoul was actually the following day. The night was spent trying to squeeze all our purchases into the luggage… I had to deposit some stuff in my mom’s luggage and my own still weighed 33.5kg!

To make sure we don’t miss our flight home, we went to the airport early upon check out through shared van service by the hotel. There are always long queues at the tax refund counters and automated machines. Immigration clearance can take quite a long time as well! I remember having to run to the boarding gate on my first trip to Korea. The tour agency sent us to the airport 2 hours ahead but immigration clearance took 1 hr 45 mins… by the time we were cleared, it was 15 mins to flight departure time! So don’t assume 2 hours is sufficient 🙂




Day 7 (Mar 20, Fri) Jimjilbang/Sauna at Itaewon Land or Wangsimni (Bath & Sauna)

  • Wake up 9am and prepare. Breakfast.
  • Proceed to Itaewon land. Itaewon Land is a large 5 story public Jjimjilbang (Korean Spa) that also rents out private guestrooms for tourists.
  • Address : 34, Usadan-ro 14-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
  • Time : Open year around and 24 hours
  • Phone : 82 2 749 4122

Admission: Sauna, 6,000 won

Jjimjilbang 8,000~10,000 won

  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Pack luggage

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