[Travel] Seoul 7D Free And Easy – Day 5

You know… why some people opt for free and easy? So that we don’t feel bad when we skip itineraries >_< I had researched a lot on taking the O-V-O trains but in the end, the plan was scraped totally. Some of these information are collected from the linked blog. After 4 days of seeing a very brown Korea, we felt it might not be a good use of time to try the O/V trains, cause everything we see will still be brown lor!

20150318_110817Guess where we heading to?


We are going to the building behind!

Tah-duh! We are going to “spa” at Itaewon Land 🙂 I guess it’s always a good idea to schedule a down-time during any trip.

Apparently some dramas and variety shows are filmed here… and we did what the locals do? Maybe not. I don’t see people in towel head rolls >_< We tried the various temperatures for a while and then Eve just decided to pull a mat before the television to watch Heal Me Kill Me @_@

It’s a rest-and-relax-and-then-eat-somemore day. Seorae is so delicious so we head back again! The boss recognizes us by now and gave us a discount, hehe!



Day 5 (Mar 18, Wed) O-V-O Train 

  • Wake up 6.00am and prepare. Proceed to Seoul Station Station (Subway Line 1, 4), Exit 1
  • Stick to O train throughout if V train tickets are sold out.


1) Seoul -> Buncheon (5hours) [O-Train] Depart 7.45am

2) Buncheon -> Cheoram (1hour) [V-Train] Lunch and wait for Train Depart 2pm ** No toilets on V train**

3) Cheoram -> Seoul (5hours) [O-Train] Waiting time around 2hours for train to Seoul

O Train: Train stops: Seoul – Wonju – Jecheon – Yeongwol- Mindungsan – Gohan – Chujeon – Taebaek- Cheoram – Seungbu- Buncheon– Chunyang – Bonghwa – Yeongju

V Train: Train stops: Buncheon – Bidong stop – Yangwon – Seungbu – Cheoram


Train Schedule

Train Course Departure Station Departure Time Travel Time
O-train Seoul – Yeongju

Yeongju – Seoul

Seoul Station

Yeongju Station



6 hrs 21 mins
V-train Buncheon – Cheoram Buncheon Station 10:00 / 14:00 / 17:15 1 hr 10 mins


* The train schedule for this course varies every month and is posted on the KORAIL homepage.

* Please refer to the KORAIL homepage for a more detailed train schedule of each station.

  • ☞ Ticket Purchase:
  • General seat & Family seating for four – Tickets can be purchased using the KORAIL smartphone application, online, or on-site.
  • Set (room) seats – Tickets for a couple room for two or a family room for four can only be purchased on the KORAIL homepage.
  • ☞ Fare (Adult)
  • O-train: 27,300 won (Seoul – Yeongju)
  • V-train: 8,400 won (Buncheon – Cheoram), 11,700 won (Yeongju – Cheoram)
  • * Discount available on weekdays (Mon – Thu)
  • * Ticket prices vary by distance traveled. / Detailed fare information is available on the KORAIL homepage.

PASS Price

Category 1-day Pass 2-day Pass 3-day Pass

(ages 26 – 54)

54,700 won 66,100 won 77,500 won
Adolescents & Seniors

(ages 13 – 25, ages 55 and over)

38,300 won 46,300 won 54,200 won

(ages 12 and under)

27,300 won 33,000 won 38,700 won

* The pass can be used to board the O-train, V-train, and other general trains (Mugunghwaho, Nuriro, Saemaeulho) on connecting routes within the designated period of time.

  • – List of connecting rail routes for the Central Inland Region Tour Train
  • Via Jungang Line (central line): Cheongnyangni – Bujeon, Yeongju – Dongdaegu – Busan
  • Via Chungbuk Line: Daejeon – Jecheon
  • Via Yeongdong Line: Yeongju – Gangneung
  • Via Taebaek Line: Jecheon – Dongbaeksan
  • Via Gyeongbuk Line: Busan – Gimcheon – Yeongju
  • Via Jeongseon Line: Mindungsan – Gujeolli
  • * Pass holders can have their seats assigned at each station before boarding the train. If all seats are occupied, standing room will be the only available option.
  • * Pass holders must have proper identification and their pass tickets at all times during their travel.
  • ☞ KORAIL Homepage: http://www.korail.com (Korean, English)
  • ☞ Inquiries: KORAIL Customer Center +82-1588-7788 (Korean, English)

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