[Food] SBCD Korean Tofu House

A Korean restaurant that specializes in Tofu stews has finally arrived on our sunny island! SBCD Korean Tofu House, is the first Singapore outlet related to BCD Tofu House (BCD is an acronym for Buk Chang Dong) and the latest Korean food eatery to open in “little Korea”, which is in Tanjong Pagar.


SBCD Korean Tofu House specializes in tofu soups whereby their soft silken tofu are freshly made daily before they open for business. Aiming to uphold the philosophy of serving uplifting and complete meals, each soup comes with a set of side dishes including rice in hot stone bowl, kimchi, grilled laver, pickled green chilies, spicy squid strips and a whole croaker fish!


Diners may choose from four different levels of spiciness for their broth, ranging from mild, medium (standard), spicy and crazy hot to suit their palate.

Jos ordered the sesame tofu soup, which is the only vegetarian non-spicy option available. Jenny had the assorted in standard level and Yyann chose the abalone soup in spicy level. I opted for standard for my seafood tofu soup. Surprisingly for someone with low tolerance for spicy food, standard was just nice for me and I totally love how the soup tasted. Ingredients such as prawns, squid, mussels and clams were fresh and the tofu is so soft it feels like each spoonful of tofu just melts in your mouth! It’s not easy to come up with a non-fishy seafood broth even if you use only the freshest of ingredients so it’s certainly thumbs up for this soup!


We also took sips of each others’ soups to try out the taste and spiciness. I love Jos’ sesame tofu soup, which has a refreshing sesame fragrance. Do not mistaken it with sesame paste or porridge. This is a light color broth that will go down well with diners of all ages. Yyann’s abalone soup was a tad too spicy it actually made me choke a little with just one small sip >_<



If you noticed in the set meal picture above, rice is served to the table in a hot stone bowl and scooped out into a metal bowl. A thin layer of scorched rice (nurungji) remains in the hot stone bowl and corn tea is added to make nurungji bap, which is a rice porridge enjoyed at the end of the meal.

A staff demonstrates how it is done:


Besides a good selection of tofu soups, SBCD Korean Tofu House also offers other dishes such as LA Galbi (BBQ short ribs) , Tteok Galbi (grilled short ribs patties), Prawn Tofu Pancake which we got to try out as well.


LA Galbi – Very well marinated and grilled to perfection. It was tender and juicy!


Tteok Galbi – beef patties


Prawn Tofu Pancake

For the month of January, diners will receive a return voucher for every S$50 spent and also participate in a lucky draw to win to celebrate their grand opening. The Grand prize is a 2-night staycation at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa! The first prize winner will walk away with S$500 worth of Takashimaya vouchers. Twenty winners will take home Dusol Beauty vouchers worth S$100. The drawing will be held on 1 February, so make sure to visit before then to stand a chance to win these great prizes!


SBCD Korean Tofu House
7 Wallich Street, Tanjong Pagar Centre
#B1 – 01/02, Singapore 078884.
Tel: 6386 6441
Open daily 11.30am – 10pm

Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste
rather than exact measurements. -Marcel Boulestin



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