[Travel] Seoul 7D Free and Easy – Day 2

Fourth time in Korea but only going to Nami Island for the very first time! I wasn’t a Winter Sonata fan so I’d never yearn to visit Namiseom. The ‘identity’ of Namiseom was a little confusing to me when I read up information on this independent nation within South Korea – are they part of Korea or not? They have their own flag and national anthem so I guess, not really.

Mom likes Winter Sonata. Bae Yong Joon is the few rare names of Korean actors she remember, so Namiseom was purposefully added into the itinerary.

Tried to make a booking online but the website was buggy and I couldn’t confirm any bus seats no matter how I tried on different laptops and tablets. I remember asking Melody from Soompi Korea to help me check if it was my computer problem or the website’s. In the end I emailed them and immediately they reserved bus seats for me and allowed me to pay on the day before the trip (on my day of arrival in Seoul). Please try to make your reservations online or at least through email. On-site purchase is subject to availability from 15 mins before departure.

The new website can be found here: https://namisum.com/en/location/

Getting there

※ Insa-dong/Namdaemun ↔ Nami Island Direct Shuttle Bus (Mon-Sun)
Seoul Insa-dong 09:30(Nearby the West Gate of Tapgol Park)
Seoul Namdaemun 09:30(Sungnyemun Square Bus Stop in front of Namdaemun Market)
Nami Island 16:00(Parking lot in front of ticket office)

※ Shuttle Bus Fare

Adult 15,000(round-trip) / 7,500(one-way)
Child \13,000(round-trip) / \6,500(one-way) / ※ Child: aged between 24 months and 12 years

※ Package Ticket Fare (Round Trip & Entrance Ticket)

Regular \25,000
Discount \23,000 (Foreigner)
Special \17,000 (aged between 36 months and 12 years)
  • Reservation is available via phone (+82-2-753-1247) or E-mail (bus@naminara.com) from 9am to 6pm.
  • Regulations below will be applied from Feb.1 for both domestic and overseas visitors.
  • The available period of the reservation is 1 month prior to departure day  to one day  at 16:00.

※ Purchase on siteTicket purchase on site is subject to seats availability.


The Ticketing office in Insadong was easy to locate as well. It is right opposite Starbucks, the only outlet that has the coffee chain’s name in Korean instead of English. I’d taken pics that day but can’t find them anywhere on my laptop now 😦

starbucks Insadong



Full set. Bus ticket with “Visa”.


Kang Ha Neul ^^


Spotted a small exercise corner next to a canal from the bus


Crowded at the wharf


Photo on the ferry

The ferry ride is only 5 mins or so, very much similar to the days when we take a ferry from Harbourfront to Sentosa before the causeway was built.



Aldric and Eve




Some touristy spots for photo-taking


Look whose watching!


Hello Merlion! Didn’t expect to meet you here 🙂


Giant me in a little hut


These are for real…


She looks very gungho, ready to sell us all the hot steamed buns.


Steamed bun with red bean paste filling, I like ^^


Posing for pic only… boh hoh jiak! The grilled sweet corn isn’t very sweet, it tastes very different from what we have back home here. It has a sticky texture and requires alot of chewing.


Mom ended up feeding it to Choi Jiwoo.


And we started taking some 很有FU (full of feelings) pics… 望天 (look towards the sky)


Playing along, keke

Soon it was time for lunch. We didn’t eat at any of the restaurants in my plan. Haha! Since we weren’t sure if the food is any good and weren’t that hungry, we ordered some cold noodles, mixed rice and pancake to share.


Bibimbab – Eve: Is this how you mix everything together?


Bibim Naeng Myung


Haemul Pajeon


Honey Butter Almonds

Before we board the bus to go back to Insadong, I bought a packet of almonds to munch on for the return journey. I love it to bits!

And no, we didn’t follow the evening itinerary either. Dinner was at a Sorae BBQ restaurant in Insadong. It was cheap and good, we went back a few more times later on 😛



Lovely onion and sauce combination

I’d never liked onions and thought all onions are spicy and smelly 😛 The yellow onions I bravely tried at the restaurant is nowhere near my description. It is sweet and went really well with the sourish sauce. Because of this discovery I’m starting to accept, YELLOW onions! ^^


Eve trying Makgeolli added with 7-Up.

After dinner, we headed to Doota for some shopping by taxi… it’s so nearby so taxi fare is cheap and it saved us alot of walking.


Sending a pic taken by the huge interactive screen to their own email.


We sighted Lee Min Ho!


A name I see everywhere 😛


Only saw cherry blossoms on this cup cover >_<


A photo in front of the building before we head back to hotel.


Day 2 (Mar 15, Sun) Nami Island Day Trip, Gwangjang Market (SUNNY)

  • Wake up 8am and prepare. Bus departs 9.30am at Exit 3
  • Proceed to Nami Island shuttle pick up point. Require online reservation. Round trip and entry KRW 23K (foreigners).
    • Insadong – Jongno 3-ga Station Exit 3
    • Malay Traditional dance on 15 March 11.30am
    • **Optional handicraft acitivities** Ceramic bracelet making (15000, 1hr), glass necklace making (10000, 5-10 mins), Snowman mug (8-10000, 2hrs)
Ferry Timetable

Time Interval Remarks
07:30 – 09:00 Every 30 minutes First ferry: From Gapyong 07:30 / From Nami 07:35
09:00 – 18:00 Every 10-20 minutes  
18:00 – 21:40 Every 30 minutes Last ferry: From Gapyong 21:40 / From Nami 21:45
  • Breakfast at Gomok. Continue with island tour.
  • Lunch at Eco Café “Rudy Kingfisher”.
  • Spend about 4 hours here
  • Return by ferry + shuttle bus at 4pm. Proceed to Gwangjang Market. Shop and eat at Gwangjang Market 6-1 Yeji-dong, Jongno-gu
  • Directions: Jongno 5-ga station (subway line 1), exits 7 and 8 or Eujiro 4-ga station (subway line 2,4), exit 4. Walk 100m. Both is 1 station away about 2 mins.
  • Operating Hours: 10am to 6pm except Sunday (shops), 6pm till late daily (food stalls)
  • Shop at Dongdaemun, Doota



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